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Estee Lauder Study Case Estee Lauder CASE STUDY ANALYSIS STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (MGT 658) Prepared by: ACKNOWLEDGMENT Alhamdulillah, first of all we would like to thank ALLAH S.W.T as finally we were able to finish our assignments that have been given by lecturer to us. This task had been done with all afford by group members even though a little bit problem were happened among us while doing this assignment. Luckily all the problems can be settled down and we were able to adapt properly and wisely. Besides that, big thank we address to our supervisor or our lovely lecturer for MGT 657/MGT 658 Mrs. Shaherah Binti Abdul Malik because without his guide our project cannot be done properly like this. He always give us supports and guide…show more content…
Without clear statements of vision and mission, a firm’s short term actions can be counterproductive to long-term interests. Vision and mission statement should be a subject to revision but is carefully prepared; they will require infrequent major changes. Organizations will usually re-examine the vision and mission statement annually. Next, the SWOT framework is developed to acknowledge the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats that occur within or outside Estée Lauders’ companies. By identifying the opportunities and threats of Estée Lauder, the EFE matrix can be developed. Some of the factors that are to be taken into consideration will be economic, political, social, technological, competitive and geographic. The EFE matrix and Portal’s Five-Forces Model can help strategists evaluate the market industry, but these tools must be accompanied by good intuitive judgement. On the other hand, we also identify the strength and weaknesses of Estée Lauder Companies which will then develop into an internal factor evaluation matrix (IFE matrix). To internally evaluate the company, an assessment of cultural elements, managerial factors, and also financial ratios of the company is to be examined. The process of performing an internal audit represents an opportunity for employees and managers throughout the organization to participate in determining the future of the firm. In the second step of strategic management process which is the strategic formulation

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