Ethical Case Study : Caught

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Ethical Case Study: Caught in the Middle
Not a single counselor or therapist can honestly say that he or she has gone unscathed when it comes to being faced with an ethical dilemma. At some point in the counselor’s career, he or she will be faced with a dilemma. So, the question is not if, but when the counselor is faced with an ethical dilemma, how will he or she address it? It is very important that resources such as colleagues, codes of ethics, rules and regulations and state laws are readily available to the counselor to be used when faced with an ethical dilemma. Most, if not all helping profession professional organizations encourage the use of some form of decision making model. The rationale for this paper is to apply the Forester Miller-Davis Ethical Decision Making Model to the Ethical Case Study: Caught in the Middle. This model requires a seven step process, in which each step has to be implemented and not deviated from. The Forester Davis-Miller ethical decision making model allows the counselor or therapist to be comprehensive in his or her approach when addressing an ethical dilemma. In reviewing this ethical case study, the counselor is placed in a position of whether he or she will have to make a sound ethical decision by using an evidence-based model. Will the client’s confidentiality be maintained or will a breach in confidentiality be necessary to protect the client? The client is the ultimate beneficiary of the counselor’s knowledge and ability

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