Ethical Issues : Information Issues

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Contents Introduction Proceedings Findings Information Issues Ethical issues Operational issues Accessibility Issues Costs Conclusion Recommendations Introduction What is Good Information? Valid information is information that is correct and can be used for the purpose it has been gathered for without any discrepancies an example of valid information would be attendance reports you send to the office or they receive at the office, it is important this information is valid otherwise it could cause a student to be kicked out for low attendance even if they have been there every lesson. Reliable information is usually from a trusted source you can rely on being correct and valid, for example if you are receiving monthly attendance information from a tutors and teachers you would expect them to be reliable and correct as it is coming from the person seeing the student come in for the lesson. if they do not mark that student in it will lower their attendance and if they repeatedly do this it could affect their further education as it could show that they are unreliable and do not show up to class often. The information that is fit for purpose is information that is relevant to what it is needed for. For example if someone in the student finance department needs the student 's family income to decide if that student should be given a bursary fund or not and they are sent the student 's previous attendance records they will have no use for it as it is not fit for what they
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