Ethical Issues Of Social Media

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Ethical Issues in Social Media
Emerging Information Technologies are faced with numerous ethical issues. One of the most centers of ethical debate in Information Technology is social networks. Social networking has changed from a niche phenomenon to mass adoption. Although the concept of social networking was formulated in the 1960s, the advent of fast internet has sent the concept viral. Currently, social networks have been dogged with myriad ethical issues. Privacy issues are the epicenter of these ethical issues. Some of the ethical problems that have emanated from social networks include hacking, stalking, credit card theft, and social network identity theft. Resultantly, most of social media users are haunted by the dilemmas such as how much personal information to put on social media, how they can control the audience of their profiles, and whether the information they delete from their profiles is well disposed of. This paper highlights the social network technology, and the ethical issues associated with it.
Describing Social Network The concept of social networking was coined back in the 1960s when the University of Illinois launched a Plato computer-based education tool (Gross & Acquisti, 2005). Social network is founded on the idea that there is a predictive structure in which people know each other either directly or indirectly. Social networking technology works on notions such as six degrees of separation which states that everyone on earth is separated from…

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