Ethical Standards For Mental Health Service Providers

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Running head: ETHICAL STANDARDS EXAM 12 Ethical Standards for Mental Health Service Providers Final Exam Alanna Sampson Yorkville University Question 1 Introducing the limits of confidentiality in simple language that a client can understand is the first step in establishing the therapeutic relationship. ?Confidently should be explained to all potential clients with the general understanding that any information gained from the counseling relationship is kept confidential. They must also share that there are limitations when it comes to safety concerns. Examples of these limitations would be if the professional has a concern that the clients are at a risk of harming themself, someone else, or if they are posing a risk to the counselor. There are additional reasons why a counselor will have to break confidentiality in cases when there is a confession that is ordered by the court or requested by the client. They may also need to release records in a situation where a client has filed a complaint towards their counselor (Martin, Shepard & Lehr, 2015). Working within the confines of consulting or private practice the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association Standards of Practice (2015) must be followed. The counselor who is providing the third party service should have a clear understanding as to their role, the relationship with each party, the possible uses of any information accumulated, and any limits of confidentiality (2015). More
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