Confidentiality And Confidentiality On Standards For Career Professionals Essay

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Most Important Standards After reading a variety of material on standards for career professionals, the two most important are confidentiality/privacy and professional responsibility. Confidentiality/Privacy Confidentiality/privacy are critical in counseling. The communication between the client and the counselor must stay confidential, unless client intends to harm self or others or legally information is needed for the court system (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2012). The National Career Development (NCDA) discusses the limitations to confidentiality in standard B.1.d (NCDA, 2015). A career professional is required to discuss with the client the limitations to confidentiality at the beginning and throughout the counseling process (NCDA, 2015). The ACA Code of Ethics breaks down confidentiality and privacy into two sections. Standard B.1.b discusses respect of privacy, which contains the counselor asking questions only if it is beneficial to the counseling process (ACA, 2014). Standard B1.c. discusses the respect for confidentiality and the disclosure of information only if there is consent or legal justification. I believe maintaining confidentiality/privacy is one of the most important aspects in counseling. The client will understand the significance of confidentiality and its limitations, while building trust into the counselor. Once the trust between the client and counselor is formed, the client can succeed through the counseling process. Confidentiality/privacy is
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