Ethics And Ethics Of Ethics

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Ethics affect every facet of life, especially in a professional community. When a decision is to be made within a community, the ethical decision is typically that which benefits the most people or harms the least people. There are some scenarios however, when the correct decision based on a system of ethics that values doing the right thing is not the decision that leaves behind the least negative impact on the organization. An organization must decide if it will follow the system of ethics that Socrates once set out that says a man must do what is right, that he must be a good man, or if it will follow the system that says do whatever is most beneficial to those involved (The Ethics of Socrates p54). A scenario of a project manager who wants to push a product into distribution by a given date while the developer of the product wants to hold on the release of the product in order to make improvements has been posed. Many factors must be considered when making a decision in this scenario with the largest factor being the system of ethics being used to make the decision. Defining a correct ethical solution as one that meets the ethical criteria such that the person following the set of ethics falls on the right side of morality, the ethical solution to the manager and developers problem comes down to the motivation behind the individuals request and the outcomes they desire. Different desired outcomes and motivations for both the manager and the developer based on the system

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