Ethics And The Entire Code Of Ethics

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He has gained a lot of experience throughout his career thus far, and is looking forward to expanding his knowledge in the future. Dr. Lind believes that there are many ethical issues that involved in anthropology and the entire Code of Ethics is of importance. However, he believes it is key for practicing Anthropologist’s to understand not only their own Code of Ethics but any Code of Ethics that may be relevant in their currently work place. In addition, he placed a lot of emphasis of informed consent and not harming your subjects during research studies.

Dr. Lind believes that being an applied anthropologist requires a number of varying skills. Most importantly on his list is being flexible, he says that it is important to be flexible when working with different populations, teams, and conducting research. Dr. Lind stated, “You will rarely work alone as an Anthropologist, research requires the expertise of multiple people”. He also emphasized trusting your knowledge and no being scared to speak up in your area of expertise. Another important skill that Dr. Lind told me was of importance is knowing what different research methods will get you the results you want and to have a strong background in varying anthropological and methodological research methods.
Dr. Lind loves his current position at Veterans Affairs and would recommend his job to others who are entering the job market especially if you are interested in helping or working with veterans. He only noted a…

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