Evaluating A New Information Management System

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In an attempt to provide excellent primary care for the patients we have to follow through with the demand that providers have all the necessary information that they will need while providing the patient care. It has been proven that there are substantial benefits when using electronic medical records. The benefits include improved quality, safety, and efficiency, as well as access to research, increasing the ability to conduct education. Providing a system that will take all of the clinical information and manipulate it to create a pool of information, can lead to the growth of the organization. This will also create the ability for portable patient and healthcare information providing for a positive patient outcome and a shorter hospital stay. Project Committee When putting together a project committee in order to introduce a new information management system you want to include all the key players within the facility. I Interdisciplinary team members. These people would be the president of the company; a nurse supervisor, floor nurse, physician and a care plan coordinator. These are the people that will be influenced the most by the change in information management. Role of the team members and their necessary expertise. The president of the company is essential to this implementation. They will be the one to give the final order to move forward with the plan. The floor nurse will be one of the most affected people by the change and should have the chance
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