Evaluating Consumers Credibility

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When personally evaluating the credibility from digital media advertising, the context of what the advertisement is trying to portray and the message that it is trying to achieve are important. Meaning, every advertisement has an objective that is presented in a certain matter; therefore, understanding both is how I evaluate the credibility. For instance, when it comes to dietary supplements, advertisements that showcase celebrities for promotion of the product loses creditability. Individuals identify paid promotion with dietary supplements constant; therefore, the products endorse by celebrities have less creditability. On the other hand, when Jared Fogle, the spokesman of Subway, shared how eating healthier Subway sandwich is the reason for his weight lost- individuals were more prone to purchase Subway’s sandwiches. Inference, credibility is measured depending on the contexts of the digital advertisement, and the objective for the product. As mention previous, when certain celebrities endorse a product, the credibility is lost to an extent. That …show more content…

As mention in the article, “FTC Slams Lord & Taylor for Not Disclosing Paid Social Posts and Native Ads Brand agrees to settle charges it deceived customers,” by Patrick Coffee, discusses the issue of deceiving consumers. Lord & Taylor perhaps was held accountable for this misconducting behavior because of how large the company is. However, many brands are going to continue because there is a thin line of certainty when it comes to unclaimed paid advertisements. For example, celebrities wear designer merchandise frequently and post photos of their outfits on social media. It will be a difficulty to target all luxury brands that are paying celebrities to wear their merchandise. It is another way of deceiving consumers indirectly, which the FTC will have a difficult solving the

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