Evaluation Of A Qualitative Research Tool Critical Appraisal

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According to Young and Solomon (2009) critical appraisal is a systematic process which can identify both, the strengths and weaknesses of a research study. During this process the reader is able to assess studies’ usefulness and whether or not the findings are trustworthy, it also supports in decision making in terms of whether to apply the study’s results in practice
The aim of this paper is to critically appraise two qualitative research papers. The appraisal includes discussion of the authors, title, and topic discussed with the use of a qualitative research tool Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP). This tool is chosen to assess due to its usefulness and effectiveness as it focuses on the areas that will be assessed. Additionally, both research papers being qualitative it meant that the use of any other tool would not have facilitated my understanding to critically appraise. Also, it would have been impossible to break both articles into sections in order to examine them closer to help absorb the literature that could have possibly been missed. The appraisal will include comments on the structure of the articles, the methodology used and research findings, also will discuss any ethical issues that needs addressing. Finally, summarising my findings in conclusion.
Critical appraisal of article entitled: “Troubled families: Vulnerable families’ experiences of multiple service user” by Kate Morris and published by Blackwell Publishing (2011). A small scale of
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