Evaluation Of An Effective Evaluation Process

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Data gathering, reviewing, and analyzation is a very important step in an effective evaluation or assessment process. The outcome as well as any subsequent suggestions are based on the data and review provided during the initial process. Guerra-Lopez (2008) emphasized that the success of an evaluation process is contingent upon five particular aspects about data and data sources: 1) data relevance, 2) data collection, 3) evaluating data, 4) data reporting, and 5) avoiding data errors. These five items contribute to an improved method and technique to build a better performance evaluation and supports the statistical finds and the qualitative impact of the communicated results. Data is used as a tool to measure various aspects within the…show more content…
133). Guerra-Lopez (2008) suggested some primary sources of data as those that most commonly and readily available such as financial records, social input sources, and political realms. More specifically, Guerra-Lopez (2008) claimed that an organizations internal sources of data input are often used as a means to identify prior performance and assessments needs and results. These sources identified by Guerra-Lopez are as follows. • Strategic plan: Management’s source for communicating the organization’s vision, business plan, goals, and objectives. Describes the organizations prior outcomes and outlook for the future of the company. • Annual reports: Identifies the immediate and potential future financial standing for the organization. • Project plans: List individual areas of concentration that connect directly with the organization’s overall strategic plan. It compartmentalizes the objectives of different divisions within the organization based on function and potential. • Consulting studies: An independent study focused on a narrow window of assessment. These studies are not evaluations in that they are not geared towards measuring the outcome of a program or event but instead they are formed to review processes without labeling or assigning judgment or measurements. •
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