Evaluation Of An Overhaul For Teachers And Administration Alike Essay

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Teacher evaluation has long been in need of an overhaul for both teachers and administration alike. Just like the educational system is no longer focused on the industrialized method of teaching (where every kid receives the same instruction the same exact way), teacher evaluation can no longer be focused on one snapshot moment of teaching. In the past teachers have been evaluated on a single moment within their classroom. The evaluation focused on a variety of topics across the state but never has focused on the improvement of the teacher. The principal would evaluate the teacher; the teacher would get the results; teaching would go on without much focus on what the teacher could or should improve, or where to go for help if needed. In August 2015, North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (DPI) set out to standardize teacher evaluation across the state to improve student achievement. The purpose of the new guidelines was to create a unified system to build high-quality teachers from evaluations and not just licensure alone. According to the ND Teacher Evaluation guidelines, the purpose of evaluations should provide: continual improvement of instruction and student outcomes; meaningful differentiation of performances; the use of multiple valid measures including data; evaluations of teachers on regular basis; provision of clear, timely and useful feedback; use results to inform improvement of teachers’ overall performance and personal decisions (Baesler, 2). The

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