Evaluation Of Planning Is Written Outline Detailed Enough?

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PLANNING Is written outline detailed enough?
Was the activity well planned?
How can you judge this?

I believe the activity was well planned. The outline is well detailed as it shows diagrams on how to conduct the session, gave clear outcomes, showed how MIP would be attained and showed how the peers will assist with the evaluation through feedback. I would judge this via the success of the rugby session. All of the students either learnt or developed upon a skill that they have previously had learned. If I didn’t plan well I wouldn’t have been able to conduct the session very well and I probably wouldn’t have been able to teach the appropriate skills to conduct the activities.

PREPARATION Was the area prepared?
Yes the area was prepared prior to the start of the activity. There was a ten minute period prior to starting the activity where I was able to set up the cones and put the rugby balls at an appropriate position. The tags where the toughest thing to prepare, but luckily I was able to get the tags on everyone before we started the activities.

Was the group appropriately positioned prior to the explanation?
I gathered everyone in the group and asked them to stand in front of me. I then explained that they had to be a little closer and less spread out. At the start they were not positioned the best, but I was able to get everyone to move closer using appropriate cues. Next time I could set markers for the students to line up so that I wouldn’t have
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