Everyone Should Drink Three Glasses Of Milk A Day To Be

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Everyone should drink three glasses of milk a day to be strong and healthy. The government even gives students milk with their school lunch, so it cannot be harmful, right? According to Michael Dye (2016), the average American consumes roughly three hundred seventy-five pounds of dairy products a year, which results in one out of every seven dollars spent at a grocery store going towards dairy products. This is insane considering everything else people buy from grocery stores, including snacks, other meats, fruits, and vegetables. However, people are not aware of the truth when it comes to milk. The National Dairy Council was created over a hundred years ago, because they are supposedly committed to nutrition education. However, they are…show more content…
Dr. Taylor (2016) reports the average human infant rarely weighs as much as ten pounds and takes about one hundred eighty days to double their birth weight. The nutrients of milk from a cow are not meant to nourish a child, because it contains far more amounts of proteins and other nutrients than humans need. The only milk with the chemical makeup suitable for an infants’ consumption is the milk from his or her mother. Dr. Hyman (2016) reports that compared to human’s milk, the milk from a cow has three times more protein, and seven times more mineral content. He also states that ten times as much essential fatty acids and three times as much selenium is found in a human’s milk than a cow’s. Numerous people do not realize that milk is not where they receive most their calcium intake. In fact, Dr. Hyman (2016) says nearly all humans obtain much of their calcium from plants, just like cows. The milk from a cow is made up to grow a calf into a large cow. Humans do not need to grow as big as a cow so consuming what a calf would is not what people should be doing. Not to mention everything else found in the milk of a cow. Consumers are not aware of the chemicals, hormones, pesticides, or the countless other possibilities they could ingest while consuming dairy products. Numerous people are not aware that what is being fed to these animals can affect the human consuming the
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