Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold: The Negative Effects of Technology

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Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold The rapid evolution of technology is destroying the need for fundamental skills and drastically changing the lifestyles of humans. Technology of the 21st century is full of ground-breaking innovations. Creations for educational purposes, in the medical field, and for the way we communicate with each other on an everyday bases are all made easier and more accurate through technology. Technology helps find the causes and treatments of many diseases and illnesses (Berman 1). Profound diseases now have invasive treatments and cures due to the constant expansion of technology. Due to the use of computers and portable tablets, it is now easier to document, store, and recover medical records of patients, which makes it simpler to diagnose and treat them. The medical field is not the only place thriving from the beauty of technology. Education has evolved greatly. Online courses and virtual classrooms allows users to take their education everywhere. This enables them to complete their studies at their own pace (Owens 2). The way we connect with one another has altered, too. Communication occurs at the speed of light. News and alerts can be spread instantaneously (Hensley 1). Social Networks, World News, and Email allows us to interact with each other regardless of location. All of these attributes are just a few of the beauties of technology, but are they merely a facade? People from our generation can not cope without technology. It has

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