Evidence That Can Be Defined As Non Scientific Reports?

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Anecdotal evidence can be defined as non-scientific reports or observations that may be based on hearsay rather than hard facts. For example, anecdotal evidence can come in the form of stories people tell or say but it is not known whether or not it can truly be trusted. Bias – distinguish the following: Confirmation bias is defined as a type of bias that involves favoring information that confirms one’s preconceptions, existing beliefs, or biases. Take for example a person who holds a belief that people with glasses are smarter than people without, whenever this person interacts with someone that has glasses they may place a greater importance on this, which would support their already existing belief. Publication bias can be described as…show more content…
Double blind study can be defined as an experimental procedure where those who are participating in the study and those who are administering the experiment are unaware of the various aspects or procedures of the experiment. This is used to limit biases and placebo effects. Placebo is a substance which has no medical effect but is administered as a control in an experiment. The positive results from the placebo is a result of the patient’s perception that this substance has beneficial effects. For example, participants may be involved in a study for a new pill that causes the subjects to have increased energy. The people are given a placebo and some of the people report having more energy. Randomized control trial is defined as a type of experiment where the participating subjects are given randomly selected treatments. This type of experiment is used to determine if a cause-effect relationship exists for the treatment and the outcome. Repeatability and reproducibility of experiments Repeatability of experiments is defined as how consistent the outcomes of the experiment are. For example, if the experiment conducted has the same outcomes each time then it has high repeatability. Reproducibility is defined as the variation among various experiments. Sample size is defined as
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