Example Of A Narrative Essay On A Clinical Interaction

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DESCRIPTIVE PHASE - The second day of clinical at Western State Hospital, my objective for this day was to have at least a 5 minutes conversation with my client, however when I arrived my client was not at the hospital, he went to department of motor vehicle (DMV) to renew his driver license. After he came back I went and reminded him, who I was and why I was there, he remembered me, without any delay I expressed how excited I was to talk to him, we talked almost more than 10 minutes, reasonably he was in positive mood. I felt relatively we had candid, warm, and productive conversation. However during our conversation many times my client looked around his surroundings cautiously and gazed at some of the people in the room. We talked about from the line at the department of motor vehicle, football, soccer to his plan of cutting back on alcohol and following through sobriety. He talked about his child hood memories, playing on afield all day with his friends in California and how he ended up broken his leg during a car accident, when he was 20 years old, which forced him to be amputated. He took a long breath, went quite for seconds and stared at the left side glass …show more content…

CRITICAL PHASE – The conversation I had with my client opened my mind how important it is engaging in conversation with mental health client and see, listen and understand his point of view of the situation he is into, his future plan, and the effort he put in to get better. I learned to be open for conversation, never prejudge and leave any preconceived biased about mental health because not all patient is the

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