Example Of Persuasion Analysis

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My fiancée coworker has taking advantage of her kindness and shes letting them get away with it because shes not a confrontational person so at first I let it go by but she starts complaining about it but she don’t want to say something about it at work she told me she was being nice to them but why theyre being rude to her I said you are using a just-world hypothesis the tendency to believe that the world is a fair place and that you get what you deserve I knew I need to use a persuasion. I told her you got to speak up for yourself, they are being nasty to you because they misinterpret your kindness as being dumb and I’ve been telling her when someone push you you have to pushed back you need to stand on your ground don’t let anybody to bully you and now she said she’s speaking up for herself when someone is being rude to her but ofcourse I reminds her that if they don’t bother her anymore or they stop showing aggression a threatening behavior intended to hurt others then don’t feel prejudice, to have negative attitude towards other She change her attitude since I made her change it it wasn’t easy to change her because she thinks it will make her look like a bad person I told her theres no reason to be a stereotype threat this is when a person feels afraid that others will judge them as inferior because they are aware of negative…show more content…
It made me start using the words I just learned and by giving example it proof that I clearly understand what Im talking about.

-Was this a good way for you to demonstrate your learning on this material?
Yes because making examples and connecting it to your life and putting the definition to your own word it’s a hardwork and if you didn’t read the book you wont be able to do it.

-Did you like writing this paper? Was it better than taking a test?
Yes because this is very engaging activity I started using the terms and knowledge that I just learned from this
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