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I believe my Enneagram personality type is type 2. Type 2 is The Helper. The world view of type 2 is “the world is filled with people who depend upon me for help. I am needed. They cannot do it without me” (handout). For me, I am willing to help other people. I realized I am needed. I want to help the people get in trouble. When I helped others who need help, I feel satisfied. I do not know why I think they cannot do it without me. Always worried about others. I am sensitive to what others want (handout). As you know, when we were in the class, the clock did not work. You ask me to fix it. I think it is a responsibility for me. I want to fix it. I want other people to be satisfied. Hence, I try my best to fix it even though you told me is ok. Finally, I fixed it. I felt satisfied. …show more content…

There are two great assets I feel I have. 1. Helpful, warm, caring, nurturing. 2. “Relationship-oriented with the ability to adapt to the methods and priorities of others…” they believe in/support. Now imagine that I am interviewing for a fantastic new job (9 weeks of vacation, a new house, new car, and a salary of $300,000 U.S. dollars your first year!). How these two assets/strengths that are part of my personality type would benefit my new organization. I believe I can show manager who is interviewing me I am a I’m the kind of person who typically sees a world filled with options, opportunities, and possibilities. I am caring and care about their needs. Thoughtful, enthusiastic, forgiving and sincere. I can adapt to almost any working environment, as long as I work with others. When I worked in a bank as a teller. I always care about the feeling of my customer. When the customers get in trouble, I worried about them and I felt I were needed. I would try my best to help or assist them. I wanted to show the positive energy to them. When the problem solved, I felt satisfied and value. Customers were always able to smile from my

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