Examples Of How To Avoid Getting Shot Essay

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Julian Baxter
Mrs. Monroe
English III (H)
January 15, 2016
How to Avoid Getting Shot In this day in age, guns are everywhere in the United States. Rifles, handguns, shotguns, the whole shabang. Despite having laws for people attempting to buy guns, there are still a few loopholes in the American Government’s regulations of gun-purchase. Plus, there are laws protecting people who have guns, in the forms of the Second Amendment and a conceal-and-carry weapon permit. As a citizen of the United States, who has never been shot before, I feel it to be my duty to list how it is that one avoids a bullet wound. You shall find it quite easy to prevent yourself from obtaining such an injury.

Make sure you are innocent. Even if you are not, insist to anyone who is suspicious that you are innocent. Innocence is key,
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Defense at all times means you should always carry a gun. If you have a gun, most people will become afraid and no longer want to threaten you with a gun.
Never wear baggy clothes. If you wear baggy clothing, such as sweatpants and a sweatshirt with the hood up, it is obvious that you are or have done something illegal, opening you up to gunfire by suspicious individuals.
Try not to get pulled over by a cop, but if you do, make sure you are argumentative. Convince the officer he or she made the wrong decision pulling you over, since you were driving carefully. REMEMBER: Police are always wrong. Always. Eventually, the officer realizes he or she has made mistake, and will let you go on your own way. Also, never let the officer know if you’re doing something illegal, because, if you recall from earlier, innocence it key, and no one kills an innocent civilian.
Do not live in Detroit of Chicago. These two places are known for their gun usage. If you currently live here, I suggest packing your things and leaving immediately.
Do not be in a gang. Gangs love to shoot things, so avoid joining
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