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I have chosen a real company to do my integrated projects on because I am currently an employee at this company. The company is Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions. At Emerson they manufacture and develop new compressors. They have factories and plants located all over, and they are made up of about 111,000 employees. The one that I am going to be focusing on is the one located in Sidney, OH. Our strategy is to market ourselves well, It's important for us to partake in things like trade shows. Also we put an emphasis on coming up with new and innovative ideas. We do have an advantage over the competition though because we are one of the most well known compressor brands on the market already. As a company we will not only …show more content…

You will be responsible for meeting a certain amount of production and still building your products properly. You will be in a safe environment, but there is still protection that needs to be in place. To find employees to fill positions like these I think it would be good to go to job fairs at high schools so that we can catch the students that are about to graduate that know that they are not going to go to college. Another way to obtain individuals would be through posting online. Almost everyone is on the internet and someone who is looking for a low skill job is going to search on there. Finally, a good place to go would be the newspaper. Although this method may seem very outdated. I think that because it is a low income job, this person might not have high income and may not have access to the internet, but maybe has the paper. Below is the description of what I would put on these places. Full Time Production Team Member Position As a production team member you will start out at $11.50 and continue to get raises every 3 months. While working at Emerson you will have the opportunity to network yourself here and look at more job opportunities. Requirements Must have a Diploma/ GED Must be able to work with others Positive attitude Be available to potentially work mandatory overtime (9 hour days and Saturdays) For more information please visit After

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