Examples Of Negative Feedback To Maintain Homeostasis

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An example of negative feedback in humans in order to maintain homeostasis would be a diabetic using insulin. Since diabetes break the regular loop of homeostasis ( which breaks the function of the negative feedback system), injecting insulin into the blood stream helps connect it back together. Using insulin turns the glucose into glycogen in the liver. This process will take sugars out of the blood which reduces insulin secretion and returns the body back to normal homeostasis. Glucagon is also used in order to keep homeostasis regular within the body of someone diagnosed with diabetes. Glucagon acts on the liver and turns glycogen into glucose and rises blood sugar levels back up to normal. Insulin and glucagon balance each other out by trying to maintain the proper blood sugar…show more content…
These processes involved more than just glucose, glycogen, and blood sugar levels. It is a constant cycle that also involves alpha/beta cells, the liver, and the pancreas. When thinking about this as being negative feedback, the process would be similar to this: starts by eating something where blood sugar rises and the food is digested, then the cells are stimulated in the pancreas which will produce insulin, afterwards the insulin will trigger parts of the body to absorb and store glucose which allows blood sugar to decrease, and lastly the cells will stop releasing insulin due to low glucose levels. Obviously, there are different types of diabetes and different treatments work better for different people. However, this is just a simplified explanation of a negative feedback homeostasis system
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