Examples Of Neocortex

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1. Humans have three different layers of different friends and intimates that we can hold a capacity for which was based off of our sizes of the neocortex, or more exact the frontal lobe. A vague explanation of the neocortex and frontal lobe of humans is the neocortex controls our sleep, memory, and learning and our frontal lobe is our primary motor cortex. “…Dunbar discovered that the number grows and decreases according to a precise formula, roughly a ‘rule of three’.” Konnikova, (236) Based off of the “rule of three” humans on average have 150 casual friends, people I may talk to or invite out from time to time. The first Dunbar number from the “rule of three” is 50, my close friends, I see them more often than those of my 150 but I wouldn’t consider them intimate, I might share a few more details with them about casual things in life. The second Dunbar number from the rule of three is 15, these are supposedly my intimate friends,…show more content…
The third Dunbar number is 5, these people are most likely family members, a partner, and a best friend. Someone I could trust fully and share everything with. 2. When I think of traits for a good friend that would make a close friendship I often think about a dog companion. I have a dog of my own that I love with all my heart and her traits are what bring us so close. My friendships would have to consist of some of these traits in order for the friendship to be considered “close”. The traits I admire in friendship are loyalty, trustworthiness, respect, open minded, and friendly affection. We’d have to be
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