Examples Of Self-Regulating Streets

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Self-Regulating Streets
Self-Regulating Streets
1. Explain what is meant by this expression in terms of place-making and urban design.
Self-regulating streets are streets where urban design, function, place, landscaping, engineering and urban design can all be implemented to regulate the speed of vehicles.
Place-making involves the implementation of a vision to improve a few major aspects to ensure the success of urban places, including streets. These three aspects include quality public realm, way finding and legibility and sense of place which, among others, go a long way in ensuring the sustainability of self-regulating streets.
Sense of place can be explained as the individual’s personal perception of a given street. On the other hand, …show more content…

Give examples of where and how you think the principle has been successfully implemented.
The first example of a place where self-regulating streets have been implemented is in Ireland most specifically the seaside town of Youghal in County Cork. This was the first region to identify the existing link between driver behavior and street environment back in 1995. This principle of self-regulating streets was successfully implemented using narrow streets and having parking spaces along the streets so as to reduce traffic congestion. In light traffic conditions, this design has proven to be very effective.
Dorset Street in the northern part of Dublin also serves as a self-regulating street. Due to its heavy traffic, Dorset Street successfully implemented this principle using a boulevard type of configuration. Trees were placed along the street to provide an enclosure.
Both of these examples were successfully implemented as a result of the designers carrying out vigorous analysis to come up with an optimum design and intervention tailored to each place, so as to fully solve the issue of motorist behavior and speed (Lahart et al., 2013,

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