Examples Of Student Engagement In Math

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Necolena Wittrock
Student Engagement in Math
City University of Seattle

Student Engagement
What is student engagement? Student engagement is when students are given “work that enables them to demonstrate and improve their awareness as competent and successful human beings” (Hall, 2015, p. 37). Teachers can learn and use strategies in their classrooms that will encourage students to be engaged in their learning. It is important to engage students and ensure that "all students have meaningful access to the content of lessons through active-engagement learning activities" (Feldman & Denti, 2004, p. 3). Furthermore, according to Wood & Turner-Vorbeck, “classroom discussion based on students’ own ideas and solutions to problems is essential to learning” (as cited by Van De Walle, Karp, Bay-Williams, 2016, p. 27).
Strategies for Student engagement
There are many strategies teachers can use to engage students in lessons. “Rather than showing students how to do something, your role is to ask probing questions that keep students engaged in the productive struggle until they reach a solution” (Van De Walle et al., 2016, p.29). A strategy that is used to engage students in math is to connect real-life and mathematics. According to Attard (2012), “The incorporation of tasks that mirrored life-like situations appears to have been a strong factor in engaging students in mathematics tasks, as were the tasks that required the students to

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