Executive Officer And Dmc Management Team

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To: Chief Executive Officer and DMC management team From: External Consultants Subject: Strategic Business Analysis Date: 4th April, 2015 This report is a direct response to the concerns of CEO and the management of company, about the ongoing strategic issues. The current strategic matters and problems in the organizational system are thoroughly analyzed. Purposed strategic changes are presented which address directly to the identified issues, and the tactics for successful implementation are also discussed for welfare of company. Executive Summary DigiMaxCon has been facing many problems because of inappropriate strategy and deprived financial results. Within the analysis, it has been clearly identified that despite the operational…show more content…
Usually cost base strategy is successful if the demand is highly elastic. Still company is unable to produce some unique product, so it is presumed that they are producing undifferentiated product. (Porter, 1980) PESTEL Analysis No such evident local political factor exist which can cause any problem. But unlike foreign government which patronize technological development, Japanese companies are not supported by local government in terms of financial funding. The IT industry has successfully achieved its economies of scale because of high volume of demand – supply. The market is dominated by low cost players as well as premium product supplier. Competition is highly fierce and volatile in nature. While considering computer technologies social factors like demographic patterns, age and population, all goes in favour of the industry because of vigorous demand. Technological considerations are the core agenda of the external environment. Technological inventions and continuous development in this sector has created highly dynamic environment. Industry has been revolutionizing and so the participants of this industry. Ecological concerns are minimum and so such evident environmental threats exist, although this industry is quite prone to legal implications. National and Supra National legislation bodies are scrutinizing IT industry. Especially their policies and compliance regulations
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