Personal Computers and Smarthphones

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Apple, Google and Microsoft are three well-established companies all competing for the same position, which is to be the leading company in the technology industry. Each company currently has its own products and specialty; however they are all trying to enter new fields in order to dominate the biggest share of the market. Apple is known for being more focused on developing hardware devices, while Google is recognized for generating revenues through developing its own software. Finally, Microsoft is famous for its deep-rooted grounds in the desktop operating system industry. Even though each one of those companies has a strong foundation in their specified field, they all suffer from a number of weaknesses that is making them struggle in achieving their goal. Regardless of their weaknesses, these companies are wealthy enough to maintain their market dominance regarding their specified field. All three companies have one thing in common; they are all competing to be at the top of the technological triangle since the world is going to be depending and relying on mobile computing devices.
Apple is an American corporation that was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in April 1, 1976. The corporation develops and designs hardware electronics such as: MAC Personal Computers, iPod Media Player, iPhone Smartphone and iPad tablet. The software includes OSX and iOS operating systems, iTunes and iCloud. Similar to all companies in the industry, Apple has criticism on their way

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