Exercise : Understanding Guiding Principles

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Exercise 1.1: Understanding Guiding Principles
“Respect the culture and customs of every nation and contribute to economic and social development through corporate activities in their respective communities”
A car company can achieve this objective by understanding the demographic of where they intend to market their vehicles. This can include creating vehicles that contribute less pollution, increasing safety features, providing free vehicles that can be used for transportation where communities did not previously have access. Car companies can also be involved with the local community by providing jobs that can be acquired by skill and not only education level. If education is lacking in a community, car companies should provide free skill training or scholarships to improve the life of citizens if there are no other means for them to attain it.

Exercise 1.2: Identifying Corporate Culture
The University of North Florida values “mutual respect and civility” which is important when attending a college that has students from many diverse experiences. I share this value as a student because college is where multiple nationalities, religions, and economic backgrounds blend in the classroom.I feel this is important for students to understand to learn how to respect one another’s opinions even when there may be disagreement. I became aware of this because the school hosts multiple clubs and activities that provide opportunities for students to learn about one another. These…
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