Expanding Beyond Philosophy: Aristotle

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Born in Stagira, Greece in 384 BC Aristotle is very highly credited for his influence on philosophy. Aristotle’s young life was very unstable. At only the age of ten did Aristotle’s father Nicomachus died, and short after his fathers’ death his mother also died. Aristotle was then put into the care of his uncle Proxenus. Although during the time Nicomachus was alive, he was the royal doctor for the Macedonian king. Throughout those ten years Aristotle learned many thing from watching his father, he learned techniques and procedures. Some sources describe this experience of learning from his father how Aristotle became so intelligent. Even though Aristotle is recognized as one of the world’s most eminent philosophers. He had many accomplishments that made him one of the most influential people in ancient Greece.
Throughout the span of Aristotle’s life he had many great accomplishments, including creating classification systems. His most distinguished classification system was for animals and plants. Used for nearly 2,000 years, this system organized all known plants and animals. The arrangement separated the plants and animals into different groups based on their physical characteristics. His other classification system is for human behavior. Aristotle believed achieving happiness was humanity’s chief goal. He structured all human behavior into a pyramid…
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