Essay about Experiential and Constructivist Learning

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Experiential and Constructivist Learning Experiential approach to learning can be an extremely effective form of learning, especially for adults. Confucius said “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me and I may remember” and that saying still applies to today as many adults learn better by experience than they do by the traditional chalk and talk (Conlan, Grabowski & Smith, 2012). The following essay will discuss how to utilize experiential learning in a heavy equipment construction company. It will illustrate how to facilitate student employee learning by doing.
Ideas, Skills and Student Outcomes Learning to operate heavy equipment, or in this case a font end loader, is no straightforward task. It is a skilled trade and takes many …show more content…

It is a widely acknowledged fact in the industry that the organization will lose money on its employee for the first one to two years, if the employee has no previous experience.
The Experiential Learning Cycle The first part of the five part experiential learning cycle is the experiencing (Evans, 2006). The first part of this plan would be to have the student observe the equipment being operated by experience operators. Sometimes it is helpful to have them observe and interact with operators for an eight hour shift so they can get an idea of the job being done. One of the issues teachers run into with adult students associated with this learning style is scheduling conflict, however because the student is an employee this is not an issue; the student will be paid to observe in this situation (Answers Corporation, 2013). The next aspect of this would be to let the student actually operate a piece of equipment and allow them see how the controls are laid out and what the controls do. This will enable them to have a better understand of how to move the equipment and ultimately the dirt. The second part to the experiential learning cycle is the sharing of observations (Evans, 2006). This is a critical aspect when teaching someone how to operate a 35,000 pound machine. It is imperative for someone to be comfortable with operating a big machine and by sharing their observations or concerns. This will enable management to have a enhanced understanding as to what

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