Who Is Cardiovascular System For Steady State Exercise ( P4 And M2 )

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he cardiovascular system responses to steady state exercise (P4 and M2)
-Heart rate is the number of times a person 's heart beats per minute. When you are preforming a type of exercise that will increase your heart rate, then your heart will pump blood all around your body faster and especially to muscles that are working the most because they require the most oxygen because of the intensity they are working at. It is vital to take your resting heart rate and the normal heart rate is 60-100bpm. For example, our cardiovascular exercise was cycling on a stationary bike for 20 minutes at a reasonable pace and this will depend on whether your heart rate will increase at a slow, fast or steady rate. However, the first 5 minutes we cycled at a very fast pace in order for your heart to pump more blood all around the body and to the required muscles in order for them to work harder. But the response is that the heart rate levels off, which means that it becomes steady so that after beginning the exercise and you’re like 5 minutes into it then your heart rate will stay the same or increase by little bits unless you change the intensity all the time which is not required when doing cardiovascular exercises.
-Stroke volume is the amount of blood pumped by the left ventricle and this is measured in mL/beats. The average resting stroke volume is 70 mL/beat and this is best measured when you wake up because you are at you’re at full rest meaning you have done nothing to increase your

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