Explain How Interpersonal Communication Is Used Effectively

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How interpersonal communication is used effectively?
Communication is an important part of an individual’s life because through communication they express their ideas as well as notify other people in understanding ones statements. There are two type of communication intrapersonal communication and interpersonal communication this essay will focus on the how interpersonal communication is used effectively when forming a team provided with a personal example of interpersonal communication error.
Communication is one of the most important and central essence of our daily lives, through effective communication we are able to alter ideas, resolve disputes or issues, help and support that are in needs, also it also makes us capable of changing
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For example: Stress and out-of-control emotion. When an individual is anxious or emotionally astounded, they are more likely to be misinterpreted by other teammates, it also directs unclear or offensive nonverbal signals, as well as break into unhealthy immediate patterns of conduct. A person should always take a minute to cool down before continuing a discussion (Robinson et al 2016). Lack of focus: A person cannot communicate effectively when they are engaged in other activities. Lack of focus occurs when an individual is daydreaming, checking text messages, or thinking about something else, they are almost definite to miss nonverbal cues in the discussion. They need stay attentive to experience other teammate’s thoughts (Robinson et al 2016). Inconsistent body language. Nonverbal communication should emphasize what is being said, not dispute it. If a person say one thing, but there body language interprets something else, their team will likely feel dishonesty. For example, an individual can’t say, “yes” while trembling their head with a no (Robinson et al 2016). .Negative body language. If an individual disagrees with or shows displeasure on what’s being mentioned, they may use negative body language to refuse the other person’s meaning, for example…show more content…
Also effective communication is only valid when the sender sends accurate and understandable verbal and non-verbal communication to its receiver., (2014). Benefits of effective communication - Using effective communications - UNISON | UNISON case studies, videos, social media and information | Business Case Studies., Access date 23/08/2014
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