Explain Why Adults Do Not Listen Essay

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With some exceptions, adults do not listen to what I have to say, particularly my parents, my teachers, and the counselors, etc … In my life i have experienced times where i went to talk to an adult and they didn't even listen.

Teachers say we here for you if you need me.Or they say you can talk to me after class.Or they say you can trust me. Not all teachers are like this. But i told teacher something i didn't want going around to all the teachers.The next day teachers were talking about it and i could hear my name.It was at my old school.

Not only do my teachers fail to listen but also my parents. I asked them for the iphone 7. They said no I was upset. But what I didn't understand was I had keep up with my chores,I had done the dishes I did everything good. My grades weren't to bad, and I was respectful. But they still said no. I am sad but i'll get one later I suppose.
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I went to her office on day to talk about something.She didn't seem to care what happened.She just gave me stupid advice.Told me to leave. I went back the next day and she still didn’t care. That why i say adults don't care what we have to say.

I say adults don't listen because they don't.I have had many experiences with noone listening to what i have to say as you read in the paragraphs.The people who i think don´t think listen to me are my teachers,parents,counselors etc… These are just a few examples. This is why i think adults don't
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