External Environmental Analysis on Kellogg’s Cereal Essay

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External Environmental Analysis We chose Kellogg’s cereal category because Kellogg’s has over 100 years history and we have14 kinds of breakfast cereal products. Our products sell to 180 countries across the world. Our mission is still to provide you and your family with better breakfasts that lead to better days, and now you eat flake corn is the same way W.K. did back in 1898. It just tastes better that way. Kellogg’s cereal provides a variety of nutrition’s cereals that deliver the benefits of grains, and provide important nutrients like iron, B vitamins, zinc and fibre.

Impact statement on Economics:
Unemployment nationally 10%. Recession started in 2008; unemployment is high in record in Canada now.People haveno more money to
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Tastes are still the same. Because of our Kellogg’s cereal are 100% made in Canada, so importing business has nothing to do with us.

Impact statement on Social:
80-90% of women 35 years plus working full / part –time in workforce They don’t have time to sit down to eat breakfast on the table. They need eat fast and nutrition’s cereal to make their life more convenient. Teen available spending power continues to rise. Most of teenage have part time job, they work as cashiers, tutors. They also get money from their parents for their birthday, Christmas gifts as well.

Action Plan on Social:
Because of women are busy with their career now, we need to produce new type of cereal for those have no time to eat breakfast at table but they can eat in the car. The new product will have milk package on the top and cereal on the bottom cup, they need to use straw to push down so the milk will fill in the bottom cereal, then people can enjoy their breakfast in the car. Meanwhile, we will put promotion in the cereal package for teenage to purchase. For instant, if you buy a box cereal, you will find one pin, this pin allow you download songs, and Hockey ticket coupon for the upcoming events, also scratch to win an Ipad orIPhone when you buy any Kellogg’s cereal.

Impact statement on Competition:
A big emphasis on reducing consumer price with discount offers.
We have another 20 competitor cereal company cross Canada as well. Such as: Weetabix of Canada,
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