Extraction Of Salt From A Mixture. Priscilla Etim. Thursday

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Extraction of Salt from a Mixture
Priscilla Etim
Thursday 2:30pm-5:20pm, Dr. Smriti Anand
Collin County Community College: Preston Ridge Campus, Department of Chemistry, McKinney,TX

Every individual is different in a specific way. Like people, substances have unique qualities, such as properties, which aid chemists to differentiate and identify the particular components the substances consists of. These particular qualities are identified as either physical or chemical properties. Physical properties are properties which do not require a chemical change of its composition in order for the substance to be classified. A few examples of physical properties include color, density, odor, boiling point, melting …show more content…

Use a glass beaker to pour an adequate amount of the liquid substance and use the pipette from the glass beaker.
5. When placing the large test tube in boiling water, be sure to keep the face of the large test tube away from you or any lab partners with safety tongs.
6. When dealing with glass objects such as a glass beaker or thermometer, be sure to hold the item. In instances where glass is broken during the experiment, do not clean up the area yourself! Notify your instructor immediately.
7. If there is a chemical spill, notify your instructor immediately to prevent any further damage.
8. Do not eat or drink any of the liquids or substances associated in lab.

PROCEDURE: I. LIQUID - Identification of an Unknown Liquid: Using the physical properties of Solubility, Density, and Boiling Point.
PART A. Solubility Take two test tubes, label each test tube according to solvent. Add 1 mL of distilled deionized water to the first test tube and 1 mL of ethanol to the second test tube. Next, add 1 mL of the unknown liquid to each test tube, shake for a small period of time, and observe patiently. During this observation, you will be able to determine whether the two liquids mix completely, slightly, or not at all. If the two liquids mix completely, then you should be able to see one liquid mixed together without a visible line indicating two different substances. This means the two liquids are considered soluble. If the two liquids

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