Factors Influencing The Instructional Media

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2.1 Introduction This chapter presents the reviewed literature related to this study. The specific areas discussed include: Types of instructional media, tutors’ use of instructional media in teaching, factors influencing the use of instructional media and summary of related literature. 2.2 Theoretical Framework This study was guided by the Two Factor Theory by Frederick Herzberg (1968). The theory suggests that people are influenced by two factors which motivate their performance namely motivators and hygiene factors. The theory is based on factors that motivate workers to perform in order to achieve set objectives. In this study the interplay of factors which influenced college tutors use of instructional media included availability of instructional media, attitude towards instructional media, and the motivation they received from the college management. Further, the theory stipulates that motivation may be extrinsic or intrinsic. In this study extrinsic factors include the availability of instructional media, and the tutors’ motivation from the college management. The tutors’ attitude towards instructional media was the intrinsic factor. Motivators like promotion, recognition for and support in the use of instructional media may encourage tutors to use instructional media in teaching. In the teaching context, the hygiene factors that would influence tutors to use instructional media would include working conditions and the quality of the facilities for storage of
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