Factors Of Absenteeism

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Absenteeism means being absent from work employees may take a leave or not report to work for a variety of reasons. Some of these may be uncontrollable factors like sickness, emergency, accidents etc. However, employees may also take leave when they are capable to attend work. This may result out of low motivation levels and dissatisfaction with one’s work. Unscheduled leaves hurt a company the most. Absenteeism near by a huge cost to the company and thus should be monitored closely. It is the responsibility of the human resource department to communicate the attendance policy clearly to the employees. At the same time, it has to develop HR policies to raise the motivation levels of employees and decrease absenteeism due to culpable reasons. …show more content…

Man power planning is renderer impossible. Casual or substandard workers increase machine downtime, rejection of finished products, and break down of machinery and consequent idle machine-hours. Absenteeism on the one hand, contributes to the arise in production cost while on the other it deprives the industry if its hard-earned position due to deterioration in quality of goods produced and the delay in supply to valued …show more content…

It affects severely the production process and the business demonstrates. The results of unauthorized absenteeism are more than the other types of absenteeism. The following measures are useful in controlling or minimizing absenteeism. 1) Selecting the employees by testing them thoroughly concerning the aspirations, value structure, responsibility and sensitiveness. 2) Having no specific structure and responsibility 3) Social and faithful ceremonies: Social and religious function divert the workers attention from the work. 4) Unhealthy working conditions: The needful and intolerable working condition in the factories irritates the workers. Excess of heat, noise, either too much or too small lighting, low-paid ventilation, dust, smoke, etc. cause poor health 0 the workers to be absent. 5) Alcoholism; Employees mostly, prefer to spend money on the consumption of liquor and employment after getting the wage. Therefore, the rate of absenteeism is more during the 1st Week of the every month. 1.8 DEFINITION OF

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