Factors That Affect The Labour And Delivery Of A Woman

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Pregnancy is a subject I have developed interest and curiosity over time. The eagerness to comprehend all the theories behind this made me subject myself into observing the factors that affects the labour and delivery of a woman. With the aid of an image, I intend to express my thoughts and reflection about the influence and overreliance for epidural when preparing for birth. Furthermore, I delve into the fascinating idea of skin to skin contact of mother or father to child after birth through use of a haiku as a learning technique to guide me. I aim to clarify and improve my knowledge of the topics and create a better concept of understanding that will eventually sharpen my skills as an aspiring nurse.

The Epidural
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Whilst the delighted appearance of the woman to the right after the epidural reveals the immediate contentment a drug can give. Both depictions served as a motivation for me to consider the significance of the narcotic drug. Aside from that, it intrigued and urged me to question whether the use of this drug eliminates the real experience of childbirth, compared to the natural birth with minimum or no pain medications.
I consider the concept of pain relief used in labour via epidural as a very intriguing topic. It plays the role as a central nerve blocking analgesia administered through the lower part of the spine near the nerves that conveys pain (Anim-Somuah, Smyth & Jones, 2011). Both positive and negative scrutinies have been long established in the society and thus my desire to figure out why this was so. My previous perception of this local anaesthesia was partially influenced by the media’s idea that it causes more harm than it can benefit, therefore the lack of a greater evidence based judgement. This led to quite a biased opinion and perhaps a misconception on my behalf and maybe other people that epidural, although relieves discomfort, mainly caused adverse effects on the mother and child. Thus my goal to ultimately understand if epidural should really be used or not and whether a woman 's choice is based on society’s dependence on modern medical technology over time.
Further research of the use of epidural has given me insight of
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