Factors That Influence My Eating Habits

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My eating habits depends on weekdays and weekends and they vary from days to days because there are some days where I do nothing and therefore I can eat more steadily and some days where I call them “study day” and I only focus on study, thus, having less time to eat properly. There are many factors that influence my eating habits. For instance, for my dinner at night, I usually eat what my parents cook and I somehow do not have a choice since I do not have time and I am terrible at cooking. As a result, even if my dinner is made of unhealthy food, I still have to eat it in order to maintain energy for the night. I think that this is a bad habit because I am accepting whatever food that is fed to me, but I do not oppose to the food which indirectly damages my own fitness. Moreover, my time is limited to school and studying, thus, usually, I buy food from the school’s cafeteria because the store is not far away and most importantly, it is fast and quick. However, I do notice sometimes that the food is not properly cooked or the fries are full of oil, but I pay for what I get and I do assume the consequences. In fact, I think that eating once or twice a week at the cafeteria is acceptable, but if I go there every day, it would become a bad habit. The best way to encounter this is to make my own lunch in which I have been working on lately. Some important food guider that helps me make better choice is my elder brother because he usually goes to the gym and he…
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