Factors That Influence My Eating Habits

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Introduction: My eating habits depends on weekdays and weekends and they vary from days to days because there are some days where I do nothing and therefore I can eat more steadily and some days where I call them “study day” and I only focus on study, thus, having less time to eat properly. There are many factors that influence my eating habits. For instance, for my dinner at night, I usually eat what my parents cook and I somehow do not have a choice since I do not have time and I am terrible at cooking. As a result, even if my dinner is made of unhealthy food, I still have to eat it in order to maintain energy for the night. I think that this is a bad habit because I am accepting whatever food that is fed to me, but I do not oppose to …show more content…

He is like my nutritionist. For certain food that can danger my health, he stops me from eating it and suggest me alternative food that might taste the same or that have less negative impact on my health. Overall, I think that my elder brother has significantly influenced me to choose the right food for the right situation. Finally, as I have mentioned many times, I lack time to do my homework and to study, so most of the time, I skip meals during the day. Also, I work until really late at night, so frequently, I wake up late during the morning and thus, I do not get the chance to eat breakfast. Unless I have an exam at 8:00 am in the morning, I would not bother eating one and I have followed this habit for about 5 years since high school. Thus, I think that a possible solution would be to bring a small snack in class during the morning so I could at least, bottom line, get some energy in the morning Canada’s Food Guide Servings: According to my journal entries, the average number of servings I consumed for fruits & vegetables are 8; for grain products are 11; for milk & alternatives are 10; for meat & alternatives are 7. Compared to the Canada’s Food Guide, I am really under average for consuming fruits and vegetables because the suggested number of servings for 2 days are 16, but I only consumed 8. Compared to the suggested servings by Canada’s Food Guide on grain products, I am slightly under average of 3, hitting an 11 on

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