Difference Between What Eatracker Recommends And What The Cfg Suggests Essay

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There is a slight difference between what eaTracker recommends and what the CFG suggests. The CFG is more lenient (7-8 and 6-7 for vegetables and Fruits, and Grain products, respectively) while eaTracker is more definitive for those values, 8 and 7 respectively. The values for milk and alternatives, and meat and alternatives is the same however, two for both. The difference might be due to the specific nature of eaTracker, it has my weight, height, specific age and gender, and my exercising habits, to gather data from while CFG only has my gender and age to narrow down recommendations from. Due to the difference in information eaTracker can be more specific as it is adjusted for me while CFG is made for the general public, relying on a lot of statistics to come to its conclusions (such as average height and weight of females in Canada).
c) Unfortunately, I have not met the recommended intake by eaTRackers standard for any of the food groups making my diet inadequate. For fruits and veggies I could have had one more in order to meet the standard, I could include a cup of raw zucchini to sprinkle with my salad. For the grain products, I can consume 2.15 cups of rice. I was close to the recommended servings for the diary and alternative if I add 0.5 cup of milk I would meet my standard. For the meat and alternatives I would need 1.2 servings to reach the standard, however as this is difficult to measure out I will go to 1.5 servings (I primarily get my protein from

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