Factors that Cause Global Warming

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A few factors cause global warming. First,the main factors of global warming is human population explain, which also threatens the balance between man and nature. Second, People cut down trees to make more than a certain carbon dioxide content of the Earth such as wearing a jacket, it will produce the greenhouse effect , the Earth will warm , the iceberg will melt , sea levels will rise, the weather will be an exception. Global warming refers to the increase in global temperatures . Nearly 100 years, the average global temperature has experienced cold - warm - cold - warm twice fluctuations gotta look for the upward trend. After entering the eighties , global temperatures increased significantly. From 1981 to 1990 the average global temperature increase of more than 100 years ago, 0.48 ℃. The main reason for global warming is human in nearly a century extensive use of fossil fuels such as coal , oil , etc. , a large amount of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases (NOAA National Climatic Data Center). Since these greenhouse gases on shortwave radiation from the sun with a high degree of permeability , while the long-wave radiation reflected from the Earth is highly absorbent , it is often said that the greenhouse effect " , leading to global warming. Global warming consequences , causes of global redistribution of precipitation , melting glaciers and permafrost , rising sea levels , not only endanger the balance of natural ecosystems , but also threaten the human food

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