Failed Leadership Essay

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Failed leadership is a destructive force that has been breaking churches, relationships and lives since the very beginning. Spirtual disciplines are important for searching for and follow God’s will and directions. This is vital in leadership for continued growth and prospering in ministry.

(Meditation) observes how difficult it is to get beyond the superficial and delve deeper spiritually. To meditate effectively, a person must overcome the obstacles of the devil which include noise, business, and crowds, and find silence through contemplative prayer. During Christian meditation, faithfulness and obedience are the focus, resulting in behavioral changes.

(Prayer) When people truly pray, they begin to match God's thoughts and desires, share what He loves and what He wills, and soon they see the world from the same point of view as God. But for true prayer to take place, prayer needs to be a way of life, not just an afterthought. There is comfort in knowing that God meets people in every stage of prayer. Once in communion with God, prayer will become deeper and spiritually stronger

(Fasting) Fasting seems unheard of when "fast food" holds such a dominant position in today's society. In biblical times, fasting was quite prevalent. While interest is increasing, fasting needs to be better
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He starts the chapter with a quote from Augustine of Hippo, "The confession of evil works is the first beginning of good works." That could be the whole chapter summarized. A person cannot really do the great work of God without first admitting to and taking responsibility for the mistakes they make. Fear usually is what keeps a person from confessing. But God loves so unconditionally, He wants to forgive us and love us and help us be the people He knows we are capable of being. There are two sides to this discipline, the giving of a confession and the receiving of a confession—both are
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