Faith Vs Evolution

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When we think about faith and evolution and we question ourselves is it possible to believe in both one might wonder what you should choose to believe it faith or reason, god or evolution. What if our choice wasn’t a single answer could it be possible to select both. As a biochemistry student and Christian I have taken many evolution classes and at the same time sat in church having both of these teachings and ideals contradicted. I believe that is possible to believe in both god and evolution. I do not believe that our existence just happened or that we came from organic matter and later evolved into complex mammals. The human body is too complex, when we look at the simplest level, the cells, we come to find we are not simple even at the …show more content…

I think there is a gray area when it comes to believing in god and evolution there are things that cannot be explained with either faith or reason, but together you can build a bridge and likely find a plausible answer. In a way to believe in evolution one still must have faith. In a sense you must have faith in the authority, the scientist providing you with information to believe in evolution. Through my schooling I want to point out some points in why it is possible to believe in both god and evolution. First off there is two different types of evolution macro and micro. Micro evolution is what we have seen happen at Galapagos Island through natural selection and survival of the fittest which has been recreated and tested in labs. As for Macroevolution, it deals with a large spectrum and is based on inference of fossils and DNA based on observations human’s evolution would fall into this spectrum. Again you must have faith to believe what comes after the missing link to our existence. Furthermore, this is why evolution is still a theory or an idea and surprisingly in a way it is …show more content…

Ironically, it is contradictory. To believe in just faith or god Conflict is met when people walk blindly with faith or blindly with reason they do not open their minds and are constricted. Conflict is met when we discuss evolution, for example, and through faith we are taught to believe that we are god’s creation and evolution points otherwise. Have we forgotten that god gave us reason to question him, or even as attempt test our faith? As for evolution we live in a complicated universe, planet, and ecosystem with even more completed organisms. Was it a mere accident that our bodies have develop so that every cell in our body has a purpose? Although, we have seen evolution proved through Darwin’ Theory we have seen how species evolve through time. We have evidence proving to the development for survival, adaptation but this does not completely answer the question at hand. So the question would not be to choose between believing in god or evolution but to evaluate and see that there is not a conflict but a mutual connection. It is why I believe faith and reason are like a bridge and our faith can only take us so far we need the reason to complete the

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