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Running head: Family Health Assessment Joy Ebomwonyi Grand Canyon University: Family Centered Health Promotion: NRS 429v August 26, 2012 Open-Minded Family focused Questions I interview a family who were willing to answer the questions as long as they remained anonymous when the paper is written. I will not be using the name of the family that I interviewed for this assignment. The interview was based on the all the Gordon’s eleven functional health patterns. Health perception/health management: 1. What is your past medical and surgical history? 2. Are you currently taking any prescription medications? 3. Can you discuss your religion affiliation or practice? Nutrition: 1. Are…show more content…
They also take daily dose of multivitamins but no food supplements. The husband is allergic to strawberries because it causes his throat to itch and runny nose. The couple stated that as they are getting older, they are sleeping less compared to when they were very young. They sleep an average of 6 to 7 hours a day sometimes, less than that. The husband complained of laying awake especially when something is bothering him both does not use any sleeping aid but the wife sometimes uses benadryl to help her sleep for a longer period of time. The elimination pattern describes characteristics of regularity and control of the family's excretory functions (Edelman, 2010). They do not have any problem with bladder or bowel elimination. They eat lots of vegetables and fruits which help with their regularity therefore do not take any medications to aid in their bowel or bladder elimination. The activity-exercise pattern represents family characteristics that require energy expenditure (Edelman, 2010). The couple does not any particular exercise routine. They are actively engaged in mowing the lawn in their yard and cultivating their vegetable garden in their backyard. Whenever they go to the grocery store, they park their car far away from the store entrance so they can walk some distances before getting into the store. The

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