Family Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment Using Gordon’s functional health patterns to assess a family will guide the nurse in developing a comprehensive nursing assessment that is holistic in nature. Gordon’s functional health patterns are founded on 11 principles that are incorporated within the nursing practice. These 11 principles serve as a framework for a thorough nursing assessment in which to build a holistic and individual family care plan (Grand Canyon University, 2011). The author has developed family-focused questions for each of the 11 principles and utilized these questions as a tool to assess her own family. This paper will summarize the family assessment that was performed by the author and discuss two wellness nursing diagnoses that…show more content…
The author along with other health care professional are generally turned to for guidance on health prevention and disease prevention. Children are read children books before bed and throughout the day as time permits. The author’s family is very similar to other two parent, child rearing families other than the decrease in socialization from living in a very rural community where there are no other children to socialize with. The family assimilates into the community well as the author is involved with teaching classes to the local first responders and the family is very close to the few neighbors that they have. The family manages daily living one day at a time by working as a team and dividing the household tasks between the author and her husband, for example if the author cooks the husband does the dishes and vice versa, this generally works out well however there is usually friendly arguments about who gets to cook. The roles have had to get a bit more flexible with the author now attending school and household tasks have moved down the priority list a notch. Marriage, parents, and lover relationships are all viewed as a team effort with lots of give and take and a strong emphasis on compromise. For birth control the author’s husband has a vasectomy. The family copes with stressful life events by communicating; one strength that the family utilizes well is incorporating

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