Fashion Thinking : Creative Approaches For The Design Process

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The following text is the design statement for my 2017 Autumn/Winter collection for my third year in the Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design. I will be describing my design process as per Fiona Diffenbacher’s theory and give a summary of how I arrived at my chosen theme and designs. I will also describe the inspirations that lead to my chosen concept and why I was drawn to the theme. The target demographic and psychographics for my range will also be discussed along with a comparison of my brand and two existing brands that could potentially be competitors if my range were to be sold in the fashion retail market. I have also included a critical path timeline that I intend to work by in the second semester of this year. Fiona Diffenbacher writes in her book Fashion Thinking: creative approaches to the design process (Dieffenbacher, 2013) that the process of designing a collection is a very personal one. It is something that can vary enormously from person to person. She states that students are often taught to design in a ‘linear’ fashion, which means that the idea comes first, the concept comes second and the design comes after. Diffenbacher believes that this process can stifle one’s creativity and that it may not necessarily work for everybody. She encourages students to try a ‘random’ design process. This means that any stage of the process could come at any point in time. If for example, a student is inspired to create a textile or a digital print, then they should start
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