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Introduction for fast track couriers

It is the end of the 2011 financial year and they are an external change management consultant

employee by fast track couriers. They want to change management for approval.

Management has identified the following high priority change requirements.

1. increasing market share —to expand business in the metropolitan area so that small to

medium package deliveries market share increases by 7.5%

2. expanding product offering—todevelop an integrated approach to distribution management

utilizing technology such as PDA devices and GPS

3. Improving employee engagement — to develop and maintain a cohesive and well-motivated


Strategic goals are supported by the
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No process review conducted

2. No documented process

3. Rewards and punishment system of serious controversy and disputes


1. Manual handling package

2. Real-time contact technology lag behind


1. Loose driver team management

2. Without good Coordination and communication channels

3. CFO existence is not necessary

4 Lack of HR in charge of training and management

5 Reduced possibility of lifting injury.

6 Bonuses for exceeding target

Monitor external trends to identify events or trends which may impact on the achievement of

the organisation’s strategic plan goals:

Monitor external trends


Business can effect through new competitor in the market. If others companies have better

system and they working in the cheap prices in the market so business can get less profit.


Economic effect that such as recession is a important thing to effect the business. Because

courier business is totally based on and its important that the market should be in the good


Change requirements

The following change requirements have been identified as needed for the organisation to

achieve its strategic plan goal to improve turnover and solve the contradictory between



1. set up team meeting weekly

2. Set up employee training audit plan

3. GM spent more time to communicate with employees in the company, and finally
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