Fat Free, Weight Watchers, Pills, Detoxes, And All For What?

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Fat free, Weight Watchers, pills, detoxes, and all for what? To look good, feel good, lose weight etc., but what is the best option? Thousands of studies have been done on what is our most ideal diet, while this question challenges many barriers, I want to look into one specific controversial diet called the vegan, or plant-based, diet. A vegan diet is one that disregards all animal-based products. While a majority of the population may deem it as unobtainable, ill advised, and excessive others see it as a lifestyle, an opportunity, or even a chance for social change. In the fall of 2016, I watched the Netflix documentary Forks Over Knives, which took a look at many people on a plant-based diet who have had various amounts of success in …show more content…

For thousands of years people have been consuming meat. A big part of people’s culture is focused around food and family, and disrupting that can be insensitive. Humans have evolved to a population by manipulating the environment, that being the use technology. Animal byproducts are what humans live on and contain essential nutrients on which humans thrive on. It provides a dense amount of calories, protein, and minerals in which is essential to survive. Animal agriculture was the driving force of human development, because there was an ability to constantly provide adequate food to the population. This allowed free time, innovations, explorations, and eventually the world in which we live. Meat also provides economic stimulus with in our world, but that has some drawbacks. As a country’s wealth develops, so does its consumption of animals, and studies have shown that this has a direct impact on the environment. Factory farming can have a substantial effect on the environment, by gas emissions, carbon use, and water pollution -just to name a few. The pros and cons can be pretty equal or out of proportion depending on one’s predisposition on the topic. Equally, there is pros and cons to a plant based lifestyle. Previously hinted is a few of them, but there are essentially three big pros. Health is a big driving force that gets a person to change their lifestyle. People want to look good and feel good for all different reasons and it is

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