Essay on Fear of Science and Technology

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Fear of Science and Technology Traditionally, most people think of science in form of physics, chemistry, biology. They might also include the social science , anthropology, economics, psychology, and sociology as a branch of science. In truth, within each of these fields have emerged a new subdivision of science which continue emerging at present time and in future rapidly. Science branches are being vaster in every moments of our life; Science has come one of the dominant force in our time. By a glance in our environment, we immediately will notice that every aspect of our life has been touched by science and its leading role in our world. This is the age of revolutionary discovery and technological advancement. From genetic testing,…show more content…
Sharing Michael Bishop’s view, regarding the importance of science in our life, a question comes to my mind that, why with all our dependency on science and our demand in technological advancements, many of us either reject science, or stay indifferent in seeking the scientific knowledge? I believe that we need to address the question and find all possible reasons. Apparently, people oppose science for many personal reasons, however, there are two main causes that ordinary people either reject science or stay indifferent toward science. First, some people are hostile to science because science is against their belief or their faith. Second , individuals oppose science as a result of ignorance; they are not able to use technology in their real life. Others are indifferent because they don’t understand technology and application of new tools provided by scientific knowledge. For example, there are individuals who are not familiar with computer technology; They have no knowledge how to use computer in their daily life. Therefore, based on the lack of knowledge ,some individual avoid or ignore the application of this advanced technology, which might be very beneficial to them. Based on importance of science in our life, we need to have a more realistic view of what science is , who scientists are, and what they do. Having a more realistic knowledge provide us of a chance to appreciate the roles of science in our life and in our future.
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